Recruitment of Diverse Faculty

The Education Department follows all policies and procedures of the College of Arts & Sciences and Ohio Northern University when conducting a faculty search.  Once the search is approved, materials including a position description, sample ads, and a faculty recruitment plan are forwarded to the Dean of Arts & Sciences for approval.  During the last faculty search (2009-10), the plan included that ads be placed online with The Chronicle of Higher Education,, and the Association of Teacher Educators.  Print ads were placed with the Chronicle of Higher Education and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE).  Phone contacts were made with selected universities nationally where appropriate doctoral candidates and faculty might be in residence with follow-up information sent, typically in the form of an online advertisement, for advisors or a career placement office.  Particular efforts were made, as indicated by the plan, to contact larger institutions more likely to have a pool of diverse candidates who might be interested in northwest Ohio.  Letters and advertisements were also sent to appropriate candidates in the Minority and Women Doctoral Directory. Finally, faculty members were encouraged to use personal approaches to invite qualified candidates to apply.