Recruitment of Candidates from Diverse Groups

Ohio Northern University makes planned and concerted efforts to recruit and retain students from diverse groups and the Center for Teacher Education builds on those efforts.  The Office of Admissions includes a Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment who leads such efforts for the university which include the use of the Center for Student Opportunity and the Venture Scholars online databases.  The Center for Student Opportunity is an online database for underrepresented and first generation college-intending students where information about universities which have made a commitment to recruiting, retaining, and graduating diverse students can be found.  ONU also receives information about prospective students who have viewed the ONU information in this database.   The Venture Scholars online database includes entry information from underrepresented and first generation students who are interested in STEM fields (including STEM teaching).   Prospective students from diverse groups are contacted through emails from the university including application and scholarship deadlines, letters from current students and from the Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment, and special mailings to applicants with incomplete files.  The Dimension Award is a specific scholarship for students from underrepresented groups and ranges $5000-$10000 (renewable per year).  Over the past three years, ONU has received 50 to 65 applications for these scholarships and awarded about 95% of the applicants.  Recruitment efforts have recently included the Vision Builders Program for middle schoolers from Lima City Schools to encourage college intentions and to introduce the students to the opportunities at ONU, the Catch-A-Ride Program, and Multicultural Overnight Visit Experiences.  The Admissions Office has created a Multicultural Recruitment Plan to refine these endeavors. In the Center for Teacher Education, the Education Incentive Scholarship is granted each year to a teacher education candidate from a diverse group.  Both the Office of Admissions and Center for Teacher Education representatives have recruited at the annual CAPE (Council Attracting Prospective Educators) Teacher Academy in Dayton.

Once a student from an underrepresented group is recruited and begins study at ONU, additional efforts encourage retention.  Awardees of the Dimension Scholarship described above are required to have regular meetings with the Director of Multicultural Development or the Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment or another appropriate faculty or staff advisor.  In addition, the College of Arts & Sciences works closely with the Office of Student Affairs through weekly meetings to discuss academic and social concerns of students from diverse groups.  Referrals are made to appropriate offices for counseling, tutoring and writing, and health issues.  The Director of Multicultural Development works closely with athletic coaches to serve as a contact to address questions and concerns for minority students on campus.  In the Center for Teacher Education, every effort is made to encourage students from underrepresented groups to become involved in the life of the unit and these students have recently served as officers in student organizations, representatives on committees, and participated in unique opportunities offered by the Center.