Get Involved


NCF offers a variety of ways for you to get involved. If you can sing, pray, lead a small group, encourage others, organize activities, play an instrument, come up with cool ideas, or even just talk with people, there is a ministry for you to be part of. Just email one of the officers and we'll help you find ways to get involved!

If you are interested in helping with outreach specifically, you can check out upcoming outreach projects on the "Calendar" page or email Jay at for more info.

Small Groups

Risen Soldiers (men only) - Wednesdays @ 9:30 PM in the Founders seminar room (contact Jeremy Ebert;

The Unit (women only) - Wednesdays @ 9:30 PM in the Park lounge (contact Chelsea Peters;

Reformed Theology Group (co-ed) - Thursdays at 8 PM in the Founders seminar room (contact Ben Maas;
--> "Reformed theology looks at how God single-handedly saves sinners from their own wickedness, turning their hearts towards Him in repentance and faith. It is a theology of God's total sovereignty over salvation and every other sphere of life."

Empowerment Through Esther (women only) - Mondays at 7 PM in Stadium View West 3114 (contact Ashley Neltner;
--> "Esther faced peril at every turn. She was a woman who, for the sake of her people, was willing to say, 'If I perish, I perish.' As we dig into this book of the Bible as a group and relate the biblical teachings to each of our lives, her story will become a present day example of what it means to be a woman of God."

Freshman/Sophomore Girls' Bible Study (women only) - Tuesdays at 6:30 PM in the chapel lounge (contact Stephanie Arps; or Sarah Lyle;

Eyes To See (co-ed) - time not yet determined (contact Natasha Strizheus;
--> "'Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is the word of Christ.' (Romans 10:17) God speaks to us through His word...aren't you just dying to know what He has to say?! In Eyes To See, we'll explore the truths that God reveals to those who earnestly seek Him and through the power of the Holy Spirit find meaning and guidance from what we might have once thought were empty words on a page!"

Walk As Jesus Walked (co-ed) - Mondays at 7 PM in the Founders first floor lounge (contact Ryan Christman;
--> "Jesus calls us to follow Him. Using Ray Vander Laan's Faith Lessons DVD series, we will strive to answer His call by examining how early Christians walked like Jesus. Each session features a unique venture to the holy lands that brings the scriptrues to life and illuminates Bible passages in a new and insightful way."

Nooma (co-ed) - Mondays at 7 PM in 407 University Ave. Apt. 16 (contact Lauren Sutherland;
--> "Jesus lived with the awareness that God is doing something, right here, right now, and anybody can be a part of it. He encouraged His listeners to search, to question, to wrestle with the implications of what He was saying and doing. He inspired, challenged, provoked, comforted, and invited people to be open to God's work in this world. Wherever He went, whatever He did, Jesus started discussions about what matters most, because for Jesus, God is always inviting us to open our eyes and join in. Nooma is a series of short films that we will be watching to explore our world from a perspective of Jesus."

--> Email Jana ( or Zach ( for more info. Jana and Zach also coordinate discipleship, so contact them if you are interested in discipling or being discipled, or would like more info about this.


Gospel for Asia

Northern Christian Fellowship sponsors Sakari, a missionary from India, with a monthly financial gift. If you would like to find out more about Sakari and/or contribute to his fund, stop by the prayer room.