Welcome to Ohio Northern University's National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Student Website!

NCPA Student Affairs offers pharmacy students a wide array of opportunities to broaden and enrich their educational experience, gain valuable real world skills, earn scholarships, and have fun in the process. Our mission is to encourage, foster, and recognize an interest in community pharmacy ownership and entrepreneurship among the future leaders of their profession.

Currently, membership in the ONU NCPA Student Chapter is around 100 members, but it is still growing!

“As a member of NCPA, I have grown as a student, leader, and pharmacy professional due to the many opportunities this chapter has provided. I have learned how to network with other pharmacy professionals and advocate for the pharmacy profession through our annual conference and legislative meetings. NCPA has instilled in me a passion for pharmacy and has made me extremely excited to use the knowledge I have learned at ONU in the real world setting as a practicing pharmacist. Being one of the top student organizations on campus and a top ranked chapter nationally, NCPA has provided ample amounts of opportunities to apply the knowledge that pharmacy students learn in the classroom setting. With NCPA’s community outreach program, our chapter makes it easy for students to obtain their required outreach hours while at the same time gaining experiences with real patients. NCPA not only has provided me the ability to practice the clinical skills I have learned, but also has allowed me to develop my business skills through NCPA’s annual business plan competition. This experience has also allowed me to develop my presentational speaking skills as I have presented the business plan at the OPA annual conference and will be presenting the presentation again at the NCPA annual convention in Boston. Along with the opportunities NCPA provides its members locally, NCPA also provides internship opportunities, such as the summer internship program located at NCPA’s national headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. NCPA also provides its student members scholarships, of which I have been blessed to receive two. I look forward to serving you as your NCPA President this school year and look forward to continuing my growth as a leader, student, and pharmacy professional.”

- Jacob Lomax, 2018 Chapter President, Ohio Northern University