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Independent Pharmacy Career Guide:

Want to learn more about the opportunities available to pharmacists practicing in an independent setting?

The Independent Pharmacy Career Guide, published by NCPA and Pharmacy Times, provides valuable insights into independent practice from independent pharmacy practitioners.

Topics covered include community pharmacy residency programs, junior partnerships, purchasing an existing practice or opening one from scratch, women in community pharmacy, NCPA’s Virtual Mentors for Pharmacy Ownership web portal, and much more.

Download the Independent Pharmacy Career Guide

Immunization Information Center

Provides information about immunizations as well as up to date news on upcoming vaccines. It also has patient education materials for many vaccines.

Also, flu season is approaching and here is the 2018-2019 Influenza Key Points.

Independent Pharmacy Matching Service

Brings together career pharmacy owners preparing to reduce their ownership responsibilities, existing owners who desire additional stores and the aspiring entrepreneur searching for the right opportunity to become a pharmacy owner. As an extension of the matching services available on this website also offers to active NCPA members employment matching.

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