After a heated debate in 1993 attended by 150 members of the university community, the attempt by the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance at being a recognized student group was defeated by the Student Senate by a vote of 15-9. After a name change and after Student Senate approval by a vote of 24-6, on April 29, 1996 Open Doors was officially recognized as a student organization by the Student Activities Committee, with Jason Bockis leading the way as president and Dr. Philip Compton as faculty advisor. Jason was quoted in the Toledo Blade to say that, "the fear of some then [in 1993] was that we were going to be activists." The original constitution stated that the group could not use university funding for its programs. About 15 students regularly attended meetings.

Since that time, Open Doors has been active and has made substantial strides in becoming more involved in campus life while being funded by Student Senate. Recently, Open Doors has won Student Organization of the Year for the 2018- 2019 school year. The club continuous to have the Rubi Affair, an event to raise money for Equitas Health, every year. You can also expect continuous Ally Training, collaborations with other multicultural groups, and more service projects as we seek to make the campus a safe place for everyone. 


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