Faculty Allies

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Faculty Allies was started spring quarter of 2005 to respond to a need on campus for making GLBTQA affirming faculty, staff, and administration visible to students. GLBT individuals bring a wide range of life experiences to the college community. Often GLBT individuals, individuals who are questioning their own sexual identities, and/or individuals who have GLBT friends and family members look for an environment to find support, seek answers to questions, and build connections. Students who build support networks and find a sense of connection within a college are much more likely to succeed. For a GLBT student, having a space on campus where he or she can feel comfortable with self-expression is vital to both personal and academic success. Having support on campus may be the reason a student will stay at ONU rather than transfer to a different school.

Allies voluntarily attend a two hour training session dealing with issues relating to sexuality and how to access additional resources for students on campus. ONU Allies display a rainbow polar bear emblem in their campus space that denotes they are a Faculty Ally and will not discriminate the student based on sexual orientation inside and outside the classroom. To find out who is a supportive ally in your college, email an officer or look for a rainbow polar bear.

What is expected of a Faculty Ally:

  • Provide support, information and referral to individuals who approach them;
  • Respect the person's need for privacy and confidentiality;
  • Develop a more genuine and realistic professional relationship with GLBT students, or friends and family of GLBT individuals, who may not self-censor their speech;
  • Gain a fuller picture of students' lives and concerns;
  • Make a personal contribution to improving our campus environment and the lives of our students;
  • Participate in periodic assessments regarding the effectiveness and impact of this program.

What is not expected of a Faculty Ally:

  • Be a counselor or expert regarding sexual orientation;
  • Create a psychological support group;
  • Know the answers to all questions regarding sexual orientation;
  • Be the ONLY contact for the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender community;
  • Hear intimate personal details;
  • Participate in political activities involving gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues.

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