For Parents

Letter from a Fellow Parent

Dear Parents,

Membership in a fraternity or sorority provides your son/daughter with an immediate family on campus. The community that is built through a chapter is one of support, friendship, shared values and understanding. Through Greek life,he or she or she can find his or her best friend, members of his or her future wedding party, a mentor,or a study buddy. The bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that a chapter creates are immensely strong and are a type of friendship that most members find hard to even explain.

Besides creating this home away from home, fraternity and sorority chapters also offer their members expansive leadership opportunities through holding officer positions in the chapter. As an officer, members are able to gain valuable professional and life skills like delegation, time management, conflict resolution, and event planning. Members also work in a team environment, thus enhancing their ability to work together with others; a skill that is extremely valuable in the work place. In addition to the skills building that a chapter can offer, your student will also be exposed to many other activities and interests that he or she might not seek out on their own. Chapters often sponsor discussion series with professors, host national speakers, and participate in a variety of campus and community events. The Standards of Excellence program holds Greek students to a higher standard than those not involved with Greek life, as it asks each chapter to complete requirements such as high scholarship achievements, community service hours, and campus participation.

Networking is another benefit of fraternity and sorority membership. Each of the chapters at ONU is a national organization, which means they exist across the country and abroad with thousands and thousands of members. Alumni support for our chapters is very strong and will provide your student with the opportunity to build intergenerational friendships. Once your student graduates, he or she will once again to be able to call upon the support of his or her brothers and sisters from other chapters as they enter the alumni/ae stage of membership and expand their career path.


Frequently Asked Questions

ONU seems to have a lot of opportunities, why should my student even join a Greek organization?

The Greek Community is unlike any other opportunity at ONU.  By joining a Greek letter organization your student gains an on-campus network of well over 500 students and a national network of countless peers, recent graduates, and professionals.  While on campus our student members and their chapters participate in community service, academic programs, philanthropy, and social activities that offer a special and unique collegiate experience.  Your student may also choose to participate in other aspects of campus life.  Students involved in Greek Life are also involved in many professional organizations, athletics, student government, etc.

Are Greek students involved on campus?

There is an excellent opportunity to develop one’s leadership skills within the Greek community. Our members are represented all around Ohio Northern in organizations such as Student Senate, Leaders’ Council, Varsity Athletics, and Orientation as Good News Bears.   As a Greek member, your student will have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of Greek organizations outside of his or her chapter including Order of Omega, the Interfraternity Council, and the Panhellenic Council.  Every year our student members perform thousands of hours of community service.  Members help with projects such as raising money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Youth Aids, Muscular Dystrophy Research, Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Hardin County Food Bank, and more.

Will my student remain focused on their academics?

Academic success is the number one reason that your student is at Ohio Northern, and their Greek organization can help to enhance this excellence.  All of our organizations require a minimum GPA to emphasize the value of academic success.  Our members work to achieve this with regular scholarship programs, study tables, and incentive programs.  Our students have established an Order of Omega chapter as an academic honorary to recognize outstanding Greek men and women annually.

How much does “going Greek” cost?

Joining a chapter is a financial commitment.  Each chapter collects dues from their members. When students join a Greek letter organization, they also agree to dues and fees while in school to maintain membership as the organizations are self-supporting.  Although chapters may make accommodations for special needs, students should discuss the financial obligations with their guardians before deciding to join.

What other benefits are there to being in a Greek organization?

According to research done at the University of Missouri; Greek-affiliated alumni have higher average incomes than non-Greek alumni.  Even when accounting for parents' educational levels, graduation year and gender, students who were affiliated with fraternities and sororities have significantly higher average incomes following graduation.  In addition to the advantages to being
Greek while on campus, there are lifelong benefits as well.  As we all well know, a college degree no longer guarantees a successful career.  It is not only important what your student knows, but also who your student knows.  When your student joins a fraternity or sorority they begin to build relationships with the families and friends of those members and alumni from all over the country. Many students create an entire network of people, from which could possibly come a future employer, a spouse, or a lifelong friend.

For any further questions, e-mail Nicole Hamilton ( or Jennifer Lambdin (


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