Facts and Questions

Below are some common questions from parents and prospective members. If you have any additional questions please contact us! 
Parent Questions:
Why would my son want to join a fraternity?
While ultimately joining a fraternity is an individual choice, we can offer up a few reasons why a few of our current members joined. Some joined for the networking opportunities that come with an extensive alumni network. Some of our members joined for a feeling of family that they missed when moving away from home. Some members joined for the opportunity to better not only the community, but also themselves, through projects in service and philanthropy. Some of our members joined for a little bit of everything! The best way to find out why your son wants to join a fraternity would be to ask them personally. 
Is your fraternity like Animal House? 
Short answer is no. Our fraternity realizes that "frats" are not seen in the best light in the media. It is in our opinion that these stories and portrayals vastly misrepresent our organization. We put no importance on partying hard. That is not why we, or your son, came to college. Rather, our brotherhood strives to empower and advance our members, respect our classmates, and focus on academics. We want to leave our campus and community better off than how we found them. 
Will my son be able to do other things while being a fraternity member?
Of course! Our members are presidents of other organizations, student researchers, athletes, maintain jobs, and still find time to sleep. 
How will being in a fraternity affect my son’s GPA?
Our fraternity maintains a 2.7 minimum GPA requirement. Our brotherhood recognizes that academics are the top priority of a college student. If a member struggles with schoolwork we offer resources and encouragement to get them back on track. We have a scholarship chair and an academic advisor who make sure our members are striving to do the best they can with their schoolwork. We work hard to make sure the obligations of the fraternity do not interfere with the ability of a member to succeed academically. 
Isn’t joining a fraternity expensive? 
Most organizations on a college campus come with some sort of financial obligation. As a chapter our dues are usually $300-$400 a semester - the lowest on our campus. We explain in depth to each member where their money is spent - but if you have any concerns please contact us.
Student Questions:
What is your fraternity’s position on hazing? 
Phi Mu Delta has a zero tolerance policy for hazing of any kind. It will never occur under our organization.
How much time do I have to devote to Phi Mu Delta?
As much as you would like! There is about an hour of brotherhood that is required each week, and then another 1-2 hours involved in committee meetings or brotherhood lunches. However, some weeks we spend more time together as a group. Ultimately, outside of that one hour requirement each week you decide how much time you want to put in to the fraternity. 
What if I do not want to be a “frat bro?” 
Many of our members, before joining Phi Mu Delta, did not consider themselves typical greek life members. However, we appreciated the founding principles of Phi Mu Delta and thought that we could hold ourselves, and our brotherhood, to the highest standards. If you do not like the stereotypes associated with greek life, our best advice is to not live by them and instead create your own identity as a member of greek life. 
Do I have to live in a fraternity house?
At the time we do not have a fraternity house. Therefore, there is no current obligation to live in a fraternity house. However, it is in our future plans to build a new house on campus and in the mean time we may eventually move into a house located in Affinity Village.