What To Recycle

We currently recycle:

  • Cardboard: Corrugated boxes, cereal boxes and other paperboard, pizza boxes with NOTHING inside them and NO grease marks
  • Paper: Office paper, magazines, newspapers
  • Aluminum: Drink cans, foil
  • Plastic: Well rinsed sport drink bottles, milk jugs, detergent bottles and other miscellaneous plastic pieces with the recycling sign on it
  • Steel: Soup cans and metal lids from glass containers
  • Batteries: All sizes and shapes, rechargeable and non-rechargeables are accepted in the bin at Heterick Library
  • Printer Cartridges: All sizes and shapes are accepted in the bin at Heterick Library


    We currently do NOT recycle:

    • Glass
    • Plastic bags: However, many local grocery stores and supermarkets such as Walmart accept these
    • Styrofoam
    • Food, like pizza crusts, candy, gum, etc
    • Trash, like candy wrappers, paper towels, take-out boxes

    If you're trying to recycle material but don't know where to take it or if it can even be accepted, please visit www.Earth911.com for the closest recycling facility to you.