Mental Health Education Chair

Christopher Leiby

Hello Everyone! My name is Chris Leiby and I am honored to be this year's Mental Health Chair. As a fourth-year pharmacy (second professional year) student, I am eager to learn and implement different programs to better assist the education and managment of health disorders in the surrounding communities This year I would like to work with not only other organization within Ohio Northern University, but also other surrounding SNPhA chapters to better engage our patients in taking ownership of their heath care. My goals include attending various health fairs throughout the surrounding communities to educate patients on ways to manage mental disorders, continue working with our partners at Coleman, Nami, and other mental health clinicis, and use our media sites as educational avenues as well. I not only look forward to changing and helping our patients, but also working with SNPhA both locally and nationally. If you have any ideas about ways we can make this initiative better, please do not hesitate to contact me ( Thanks and GO SNPHA!!!!