Nominations Meeting: Monday Feb 11th' 2013

This individual will be president of SNPhA the following year, after Dominique, and CANNOT be a current P4.  You will be shadowing her on her presidential duties, and getting a feel on how you can lead and ultimately better the organization.  You will be in charge of sitting on pharmacy council which meets once a month at 7:30 am, all of the initiative chairs, and helping the executive board plan PPMI Week.  You will be the contact person for outreaches throughout the college and be closely working with our co-advisor, Dr. Sobota.  You will also be on conference calls with the president, vice president, and secretary of the organization and serve as the National delegate for our chapter.  This individual needs to constantly be thinking about ways to better the organization and towards the end of the year, be planning who they want on their executive board.
Vice President
This individual helps out in any way, shape, or form with the organization.  They are the contact person and organizer of the Mr. and Miss ONU Pharmacy Pageant.  They also sit on conference calls and assists the president in other matters in dealing with the organization as a whole.  This individual helps plans speakers and assists in all outreach events as seem fit with the outreach chairs and president-elect.

This individual needs to be organized!  They not only take the minutes for each meeting, but also sit on conference calls, send the monthly report to the national office, and sends emails to the chapter, pharmacy college, and student-Ls.  He/She helps coordinate events and ensures that the organization stays on task.
Although your main duty is to balance the budget, you are the individual who participates in Student Senate's budget appropriations.  You also make sure that individuals are reimbursed for organizational purchases and retrieves all food items for each general assembly meeting.  The treasurer is responsible for organizing and participating in all fundraisers, such as the coffee mug sale and business cards.
The web-master is an important position.  They are in charge of maintaing the website both for the national office and for our personal chapter.  He/She also is in charge of maintaining the facebook and twitter pages.  They help with creating flyers, publicizing events, and helping the chapter in any way.

The initiative chair positions are selected by the new officers, so if you are interested in being one of our chairs, please see Dominique McKee or email her at d-mckee.1@onu.edu.  This is a great organization to get involved and I hope that each of you think about your future in regards to SNPhA.  What better way to give back and help your profession by getting involved in our chapter organization.
Networking & Interships Meeting: Thursday November 1st 2012

On November 1st, SNPhA met to have our general assembly meeting. 40 students attended, 20 of them were members.We discussed our PPMI week, as well as the mug and business card sale. Our speaker was Meghan Davlin Swarthout, the Division Director for Ambulatory Care transitions at Johns Hopkins. She discussed ways to set ourselves apart from other pharmacy students, as well as how to properly network, write a CV, and get an internship. She also explained interview approaches, and how to professionally conduct yourself in an interview situation.

Stroke Meeting: Monday October 15th 2012

At this meeting, Dr. Talbot of the ONU College of Pharmacy met with us to provide education on smoking and stroke for our health fair.

We received detailed knowledge on the mechanism of stroke, as well as the risk factors (such as smoking, HTN, and obesity). Also, we were taught the “FAST” acronym to teach to our patients.

F- Facial droop/weakness

A- Arm drop/lag

S- Slurred speech

T- Timing is essential! Call 9-1-1 at the first sign of a stroke!

We also received education on smoking cessation. We learned that it is essential to pair behavioral, pharmacological, and educational interventions for the maximum benefit.

We also discussed our on-going mug sale, as well as the upcoming business-card sale. Membership forms and dues are to be place in the Dean’s office drawer by Friday October 19th.

We discussed the health-fair at Ray’s Pharmacy in Lima, Ohio, and informed members on the details for the event.

SNPhA Minutes: September 24th, 2012

Tonight was all about outreach, community service, and getting involved. I have attached the powerpoint from tonight's meeting so that you can see all of the wonderful events we have planned. I encourage all of you to do as many events as you can! Outreach is a great way to use the knowledge that we gain in the classroom, as well as a great opportunity to network and grow in our profession! (Please see the powerpoint for more information)

SNPhA Minutes:  August 27th, 2012
Tonight’s meeting was held to inform our new/potentialmembers about the many opportunities that SNPhA provides, and how they can beinvolved.

One of our major initiatives this year is PPMI (Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative). We plan to havean entire week dedicated to it, from January 28th to February 1st 2013. There will be numerous guest speakers, as wellas a Mr./Miss Pharmacy Pageant. We are very excited to bring this information to the ONU campus!

We also discussed our many opportunities for outreach. Thisincludes a variety of outreach at the Ada Restore,  the October health fair at Rays, Azucar in thespring, Mental Health Screenings with Dr. Finley, and our February health fairin Mac.

Our website is up and running! Kanika and I have decided tomerge the Google Groups forum onto the site, and that should be up and running in a week or two. The site has a lot of information about SNPhA in general, aswell as our merchandise page and our calendar. Check it out at: http://webstu.onu.edu/snpha/

Our main fundraiser this year will be our business cards.The price has yet to be determined, but you will get 250 of the cards. Theselook very similar to those used by our faculty on campus! They are an excellentthing to have for job-fairs and networking opportunities. Also, we will beselling coffee mugs this year. More details on that will come soon!

Membership forms/dues are due by September 21st.If you did not get a form at tonight’s meeting, they will be available on ourwebsite. The fees are $35, and may be paid by cash or check. Please turn themin to one of the officers, or at our next meeting.

Membership in SNPhA allows you access to our many outreach/communityservice opportunities, as well as providing excellent networking andscholarship opportunities.

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