We unite ourselves as Christian men serving God by serving others.


Some may ask 'What is Sigma Theta Epsilon?' Good question. Sigma Theta Epsilon is a Christian national fraternity. Our chapter at Ohio Northern University, the Epsilon chapter, has traditionally consisted of 30 or more brothers that are all united to serve God. We always remind ourselves of our true purpose here: to be servants of God, hence we build ourselves around 1 Corinthians 3:9, which reads:
"For we are fellow workers with God"

We spread our works of this passage through service events, like leaf raking, food drives, and working soup kitchens. We also host social events, such as dances, parties, game nights, and random food runs throughout the day or night. We also partake in religious events, like Bible studies and worhsip nights.

Our fraternity house is located at 615 S. Johnson St. in Ada, which is right behind Rite Aid. If you have any questions about the fraternity, feel free to stop on over or contact any of our brothers.