Although the name Sigma Theta Epsilon has been around since 1949, the ideology that founded this fraternity has been around since 1924 when Phi Lambda Phi was first created at the University of South Dakota. As more and more people became interested, a national organization was formed, renaming the whole fraternity to Phi Tau Theta, united as a "religious fraternity of methodist men."

In 1936, Christian students at Indiana University decided to form another christian fraternity, which they called Delta Sigma Theta. After some consideration, Delta Sigma Theta and Phi Tau Theta decided to merge into one fraternity in 1941, calling themselves Delta Sigma Theta. Eight years passed, and the merged fraternity had to change their name, thus our fraternity became Sigma Theta Epsilon.

Today there exists 3 active chapters of our National Christian Fraternity, spanning from Ohio to Texas.  Our chapter here at Ohio Northern University is the oldest chapter that exists nationally.