About UFO

Ultimate Faith Outreach allows students to share their faith not only with other college students, but with youth all around the state of Ohio with a sense of understanding and appreciation.  Ultimate Faith Outreach gives ONU students the opportunity to serve and inspire others, and grow in their personal faith as well.  The members of the UFO team learn important life skills such as leadership and communication skills, as well as enhancing their creativity and ability to think on the fly. These learned qualities are taken into all the other organizations that our members are a part of and will in the long run be important to their professional lives. We are blessed to have the ability to show churches and youth groups around Ohio just how much a person can grow at Ohio Northern University not only in faith, but also in service, gratitude, and love.

2010-2011: Ultimate Faith Outreach led two very successful retreats with over 30 youth participating at two different parishes.  We had an absolute blast leading the kids and loved preparing all the new aspects of this year’s retreat.  We spent two different weekends sharing our faith, guiding the kids, and having a great time.  Our theme this year was relationships and we talked about relationships with others, ourselves, and God.  We planned this retreat from scratch with a new theme verse, an unbelievable Prayer Walk that involved the kids creating a bracelet to symbolize all the relationships in their lives, three new witness talks, tons of games, and a Random-Acts-of-Kindness activity that involved the youth and ourselves decorating Easter eggs that were filled with candy and inspirational sayings for patients at St. Rita’s Hospital in Lima.  We were able to reach out to the youth around Ohio and personally grow in our faith.  Not only did the youth learn from us, but we learned from them. Although we are still a small group for now, we all became very close and inspired and motivated each other through the process.